Eat My Hit

Just published my long promised and long awaited book of truths, Eat My Shit!  I thought it was an original concept.  But Vanetta White tells me she saw Illuminatic (Beyonce, Jay Z, Kanye West et al you know the usual bottom feeders of humanity, Kanye proudly sings “I sold my soul to the devil.  Beyonce admitted to Tyra Banks that before she appears she calls spirit called Sasha Fierce (a beast attitude and behavior, in the 90s the favorite word of homosexuals) into her Being) Vanetta saw them  eating shit and drinking piss on YouTube.  Never the less, I’m keeping the title that came to my war weary mind yesterday, Eat My Shit.  Though some change it to eat My Hit.  s (Stevie Wonder) hit stolen from the Heir to the Air.  Listen closely to his hit, I just called to say I Love you.  You’ll hear a Freudian slip:  “What It Is” (my album done with my then husband, Edwin Birdsong and a friend of Steve’s), Steve says (unawares) What It IsIs oh so true, What It IsIs oh so new.

This new book, Eat My Shit, can be download for free for a short time at:  id=PLBA71E145B6B6465.

Remember there is nothing wrong – only thinking makes it so (if you are pure).

Wahlid Shoebat told Michael, Dr. Michael Savage that Americans don’t want reality, the truth, they’re too squeamish.  No shit.  Tell me something good.

Michael Buble sings I Believe In You.  Singh Birdsong my son/sun, formerly Jimi Hendrix (Oh, I forgot to tell you, I time travel consciously.  Surely you saw “Back to the Future” the double for me).  Singh and I wrote a song, I Believe in You which Jeanne Saum loved loved. However Singh forbid me to publicize it.  So Buble gets the hit and the money and the acclaim.  Yet life is fair.  The truth always comes out – even if in a Freudian slip.  Pay attention.  That’s the price for truth.